September 19, 2020

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Top 10 Cars at Mecum’s Monterey Auction Pull in Nearly $20 Million Combined

Top 10 Cars at Mecum’s Monterey Auction Pull in Nearly $20 Million Combined is a pretty big house. It averages more than one auction per month, often ranging anywhere between 700 lots and 3,000 lots, with a general average of at least 20,000 lots per year. Every year, Monterey Car Week serves as a big […]

سوپر ماشین

2016 Russo And Steele Monterey Auction – Preview

2016 Russo And Steele Monterey Auction – Preview If you’re interested in attending a collector car during there are plenty to choose from. However, if you’re looking for the utmost in excitement and non-stop action, the choice is clear – Russo And Steele. Touting the motto “for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts,” R&S uses an “auction-in-the-round” format […]

سوپر ماشین 2016

2016 Mecum Monterey Auction – Preview

2016 Mecum Monterey Auction – Preview has been involved with collector cars for almost three decades now, growing from a small family business to selling roughly 20,000 lots per year. In addition to top-dollar automobiles, Mecum also offers vintage motorcycles, collectible road art, and believe it or not, tractors. But you and I don’t really […]

سوپر ماشین 2016


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